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Dark thoughts...

a twisted mind

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The Epidemic
8 November
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I am jacks wasted life...

I live in pa...
I dig industrial...
I'm a musican...
I play guitar and like your mom...
not much more to say....


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a perfect circle, afi, agnostic front, ani difranco, anti-flag, anything maynard, art, asheron's call, avail, bands, bast, bella morte, black, blacklight, blame cindy, blood, blue eyes, body art, bondage, boots, bush, camaro, cats, chevelle, christina ricci, clubs, coal chamber, cold, crank yankers, cream soda, crock rock, cruxshadows, darkness, deftones, diablo ii, dk, doctor pepper, doom, dreams, emotions, eyeliner, eyes, fight club, fireworks, foo fighters, fuel, garbage, ghosts, gnomes, goth, gothic, green day, grr, guitar, hair, hair dye, horror, i-roc, industrial, intuition, invader zim, johnny the homicidal maniac, karma, kmfdm, knives, leather, less than jake, ljmaps_sweetrevenge, long hair, lorenzo's pizza, maynard, mc 900 ft jesus, mdfmk, midgets, mike patton, moshing, mp3s, mr. t experence, music, nine inch nails, nocturn, old korn, old limpbizkit, old manson, one man army, operation-ivy, oral sex, ovlo, paint, pale skin, pansy division, pantera, philadelphia, piercings, pizza, placebo, playing pool, primer55, punk, rancid, rivethead, rob zombie, rocket from the crypt, salt, satanism, satanist, scorpio, sex, sifl & olly, silver, skinny puppy, skulls, slayer, slipknot, snapcase, south street, spearmint, spineshank, squirtgun, stabbing westward, star industries, star wars, stp, swimming, tattoos, the buisness, the cure, the dandy warhols, the drop kick murphy's, the frustrators, the police, the queers, the strugglers, thursday, toadies, tool, trent, tyler durden, type o negitive, vampires, velvet acid christ, vnv nation, water, weed, wicked clowns, wolfpac, wumpscut

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